BP Scholar Child Theme: how to create a Video Archive page?


the site is: http://www.hoopinstructors.com

Goal: my client needs me to create a simple Video Archive page – hopefully today.

This will be a page that archives posts of a specific category (ex. parentcategory=TV>childcategory=Training) and that automatically shows the latest full post, with the category archives below. So the contents of the page would be:

Title: Training

before the archive: the latest full video post, so that the member sees an actual video, not a link to the post, at the top of the page.

the archive: titles of the posts in this category, by chronological order, latest one first.

page functions: after XX video posts, the page automatically goes to page 2, and so on.

The end result I’m looking for is probably simple, and I have done some research, but I’m afraid because it seems really complicated, and I don’t have much time as I’m working through a Membership plugin issue that’s taking most of my attention right now.

I read through the Codex here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_an_Archive_Index and I’m more confused than I was before I read it.

I see that there is an ‘archive.php’ in BP Scholar.


1. Should I copy the Scholar archive.php into the Scholar Child theme (at the top of the folder) and make changes to that?

2. I’d like to understand how the php works, but since I don’t can you just give me an example of the code I’d need, or point me to an example?

3. When I have the code, where in archive.php (which I’ll probably call ‘videoarchive.php’ do I actually put the code?

Thanks very much for your help,