BP Scholar Child Theme: sign-up & registration form mix up


I am having trouble with BP-Scholar Child theme registration page and the S2 Member plugin: the Signup Button” on the site is pointing to the BuddyPress registration page.

What should happen:

a. person pays for registration via http://www.hoopinstructors.com/signup/: they choose their registration level and are sent to PayPal.

b. after a successful checkout has occurred through PayPal, they get access to:


Where they finish the registration process. This page should never be seen at any other time in the process.

c. they get their confirmation email and sign into the site.

I went back to the S2Member plugin developer, who tested it with me until he came to this conclusion:

I. On a default installation of BuddyPress, it would work like this:

Open Registration = off

Your BuddyPress theme would detect this, and automatically disable all Signup Buttons/Links.

You would place a link to your Membership Options Page into the navigation bar somewhere instead.

II. In your case, your theme ( it would appear ) is not detecting that Open Registration is off. So it’s creating a confusing situation, where there are links pointing to both /signup/ and to /register/.

III. I think the majority of the confusion here, is with the BuddyPress /register/ page. In most BuddyPress themes, the “Signup” links ( i.e. the /register/ links ) will be disabled automatically whenever Open Registration is disabled. However, there are many BuddyPress themes that just assume registration will be open ( because that’s normally how BuddyPress is used ). In your theme, the Signup Button remains, even when Open Registration is off.

IV. So, here is what I suggest.

One of two things:

1. Modify your BuddyPress theme, by changing all references to /register/ over to /signup/. Thereby pointing the Signup Button to your Membership Options Page.

2. Alternatively, you could go into the BuddyPress plugin file:


Find these lines:

/* If the user is logged in, redirect away from here */

if ( is_user_logged_in() )

bp_core_redirect( $bp->root_domain );

/* If signups are disabled, just re-direct */

if ( !bp_get_signup_allowed() )

bp_core_redirect( $bp->root_domain );

And change them to this instead:

/* If the user is logged in, redirect away from here */

if ( is_user_logged_in() )

bp_core_redirect( S2MEMBER_LOGIN_WELCOME_PAGE_URL );

/* If signups are disabled, just re-direct */

if ( !bp_get_signup_allowed() )


V. I tried suggestion 1, finding and replacing the word ‘register’ with ‘signup’ in themes/bp-scholar/registration/register.php but the ‘signup’ button still points to http://www.hoopinstructors.com/register/ rather than http://www.hoopinstructors.com/signup/

What should I do to fix the problem?

just in case it helps, I’m using

Firefox 3.6.8 (for development)

Chrome 5.0.375.127 (testing)

Safari 5.0.1 6533.17.8 (testing)