BP Social Theme Install

I have a question about the standard way of installing BP Social theme. After I downloaded the zip file …1844963 (672 KB) to my pc, I extracted it to a folder. That opened four files: install, license, readme, etc. and one other zip file.

Your install instructions didn’t say anything about unzipping another file called buddypress-social-theme-1.1.8.zip. I assume that is what must me done. So, I unzipped that one too and wound up with another folder called wpmu-bp-social-1.1.8. Inside of that folder are three other folders: docs, mu-plugins, themes and a readme file.

Am I to understand that: all that I FTP to my webhost’s themes folder are 2 folders only:

bp-social and bp-social-child? And then the only other thing to do is put those two *.php files in the mu-plugins folder???

Do I just ignore all the other files that I unzipped and merely acivate the theme? I did that and most everything seems to be working. But I can’t help but wonder if I’m playing with a full deck?