browsing global product categories

for the main site, browsing global product categories is not function like browsing product categories. what i mean is when i click on one product category, i cannot narrow down, filter or search by date or popularity, something like that.

what i want is when somebody want to look for dress, click on global product categories,


order by date, name, popularity, price




price range ( 10 – 15 )


how do i set up to get like that?

and i want all the product category for all the stores to be same, vendor cannot change, but if they want, admin and add, edit or delete category for them.

let say one vendor sell only kids clothes, so admin can delete other categories for that vendor and when he want to add product, he dont need to see other hundreds of categories.

another thing is global product categories is now showing like parent category, sub category, if i want to show like that, how do i do that?