Buddypress 1.6 upgrade Avatar problems


Ever since updating to Buddypress 1.6, I’ve had issues with the sizing of avatars throughout buddypress, and in the new adminbar. I’ve tried deactivating all plugins (except BP), as well as switching off my child theme (and then even to the BP Default theme) but the issue persists. For example, in the adminbar, it is pulling the thumbnail avatar, but trying to display it at 64×64, so it is stretched/blurry. On my member header (from an updated, bp-1.6 compatible member-header.php template) the avatar is being pulled with the bp_displayed_user_avatar( ‘type=full’ ), however the image is the full-35×35 version, stretched to 80×80 via css. The forum post loop is also displaying the full-35×35 avatars, although img html has width and height of 150, and the image is displaying at 80×80 through css.

All of these were pulling the correct images and displaying properly before the upgrades. I do not know if this is a Buddypress core bug, and am completely baffled… has anyone else experienced an issue like this from the upgrade, and have an idea how to fix it, or what is going on?

I am going to post in the Buddypress.org forum as well for this, but that is not the most reliable/fast place for help, and I’m hoping that the mpmudev geniuses will have some answers…. :slight_smile: