Buddypress activity


I have wordpress 3.5 and Buddypress 1.6.3. I have them both installed and working well together with my theme. I have only a couple of other plugins installed, however I had tried disabling them to see if they were the issue.

What I would like to do is “Limit # of items in the Activity Stream Loop” I have been to this post – http://wpnyc.org/groups/buddypress-troubleshooting-and-support/forum/topic/limit-of-items-in-the-activity-stream-loop/

AND a few others throughout Buddypress and tried serveral things relating to some of the suggestions. However I am still no closer to a resolution.


If I limit the number of posts to be displayed, the “load more” button appears as it should, however when clicking on it, it dissapears and the same amount of posts are still showing. It is not loading any more of them.

The website in mention is http://url2url.net/aa14

I added this to the activity-loop.php file which is in my Theme folder files:

<?php if ( bp_has_activities( bp_ajax_querystring( 'activity' ). '&per_page=4?' ) ) : ?>

Like I mentioned it will only display three posts, but it will reload them and remove the Load more button if it is clicked.

Any suggestions would be most helpful.

What is weired, is, It worked the first time I did it, But I had like 6 comments, showing, I then tried it out pressing the load more button a few times to see how it all works. Then I put the number down to 4, then tried three to see how it all looks on the site, then it just stopped working, I never changed anything else in the code. Only the number each time. Now it is just not working at all!

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you kindly and in advanced.