BuddyPress and MultiSite

Hi there,

I have installed latest BuddyPress and trying to use it on a subsite (ie not the main site). First of all I activated it on the subsite and found there were permission problems when running the BuddyPress settings wizard. (“You do not have sufficient privileges to access this page”) Searching around revealed that it should be activated as a network activate and so I deactivated from subsite and network activated from main site.

I have set up the BP_ROOT_BLOG to be the correct subsite (both in wp-config.php and plugins/bp-custom.php as there are references to them both on http://codex.buddypress.org). Via the Sites control I have enabled the BuddyPress theme on my subsite. However all BuddyPress content still appears on my main site.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Does the BP_ROOT_BLOG setting have to be there before installing BuddyPress and activating, or should one be able to switch ‘live’?

In the network admin BuddyPress settings for Pages (/wp-admin/network/admin.php?page=bp-page-settings) it is clearly showing my main site’s pages, and not the subsite.

My speculation is that it something to do with the settings wizard as it asked about pages and I just left as defaults presuming that the define would sort things for me. I have since tried 1) reactivating plugin, 2) deleting plugin and reinstalling, 3) deleting plugin, deleting ‘bp_’ tables and installing… but nothing gets me back to that setting wizard. (And a reinstall does not seem to recreate the bp_ tables either!)

Any ideas? I am using latest WP, with latest Membership and Domain Mapping plugins.

And now I can’t even get it working on the main site as when I try and activated the BuddyPress Default theme on it I get a “Cheatin’ uh?” message! (Though maybe that’s good, and implies the define is doing something to stop it working on mainsite?)

Yours, thoroughly confused (and fed up!)