Buddypress Business – Featured Image is Tiling; can't figure out correct size!

1) What should the size of the Featured Image on the home page be in order for it to NOT tile/repeat?

2) Besides the home.php, where else would I need to modify the code to set a fixed size if the image size mentioned above doesn’t work?

My problem: in the Buddypress Business theme I can go to Appearance > Theme Options and select a front featured page that will be used to pull the text and featured image from. The text and image show up on the home page. However, the featured image ALWAYS tiles on me! I have searched and searched through wpmudev community threads and found a few references to the image needing to be a certain size, and I’ve used firebug to identify the size constraint (set for height:250), but no matter how I size the image, it always tiles. I’ve used 450×265, 450×250, and many other combinations, but still, the image tiles. I’ve tried fiddling with how I add it as a featured image: setting the featured image, not setting a featured but inserting into the page, inserting as a thumbnail/as a full-size image. Nothing prevents the tiling. (And on a side note, during the experimentation I’ve found that removing the featured image does not work unless I actually delete the image from the media list.)

I found a spot in the editor > home.php file where the image height is set and there is a repeat option (style=”height:250px;display:block;background:url(‘<?php the_post_image_url($image_display); ?>’:wink: center center repeat”:wink:. When I remove the repeat, it doesn’t make a difference, nor is the tiling affected when I add a width:450 to match my image size. AARGH!

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.