BuddyPress Daily: MisAlignment of Inbox and Individual Messages

I have a misalignment problem. When receiving messages in my inbox it appears that the it’s shifted to the left thereby cutting off a little bit of the left side. The red box that has a number in it is cut in half and you cannot see the number.

<img src=’http://img1.UploadScreenshot.com/images/thumb/4/10423584813.png&#8217; alt=’Click here to view full size’ />

Also, if you go to an individual message, then the comments are also pushed to the left off the screen. As you can see, you cannot see any space to the left of the avatar and some of the avatar image is cut off as well

<img src=’http://img1.UploadScreenshot.com/images/thumb/4/10500065189.png&#8217; alt=’Click here to view full size’ />

Is there a simple place I can go to change some css to push this stuff to the right a bit?