Buddypress default child theme, BBpress recent posts loop?

I don’t know if you guys can help with bbpress questions, but it’s worth a shot! lol

I’m trying to make 3 different recent topic loops that each have different classes, show different amounts of topics posted and have different functions that show, or don’t show.

*I Know for the most part bbpress likes to use the do_shortcode('[bbp-topic-index]') in its templates.

So far I have copied the bbpress file into my child theme and found /mychildtheme/bbpress/ that calls the bbp_get_template_part( 'loop', 'single-topic' ); I fooled around with editing these files and took out the functions I don’t want and it seemed to work, but when I tried to copy the loop into a template in my child theme to make the modifications it wouldn’t work. (I also couldn’t find how to set amount of topic posts that appear)

So my question is where can I find the recent topic loop to copy into a template in my child theme, or where can I find the short code [bbp-topic-index] to copy into my function.php file to make the modifications I wish to make (change class, amount of post and so on)

Thank you for all your help! :smiley: