BuddyPress forum topic submission errors. Confusing to users?

When a user writes a new topic and doesn’t select a group (or forgets to fill out the title/body content) the page RELOADS with an appropriate error message and the content of the message is LOST. I imagine this is going be really annoying for new users who write particularly long messages.

Also, if you select the group but don’t provide a title and then proceed to submit the form, buddypress then loads that group’s homepage and puts the error message in the header/sidebar content. What’s that all about?!

I’ve tried this both on my theme (huddle) and the default buddypress one and it seems to be the same for both.

1a) When a user doesn’t fill out all the necessary fields, is there a way of disallowing the form from being submitted and displaying the error message there and then?

1b) Alternatively, failing that, is there a way to make a particular group selected by default when posting a new topic?… Instead of —- in the drop down.

Or better still, could the —- option be removed? This way, a user would have to post in a group. This must be better than the —- option that just deletes the post.

ILLUSTRATION: http://i45.tinypic.com/dnojl0.png