BuddyPress Group bbPress Forum – Gallery IDs From Topic Post Showing on Activity Feed


Using BuddyPress with bbPress – all current versions.

We're allowing the full editor in our topic posts, and members can use "Add Media" to upload images. Attached is an example of a topic in a group forum.

When the group forum activity is then automatically posted to the Site Wide Activity feed, it looks great as a partial excerpt, but if you click the "Read More" link, BuddyPress will expand the post/message without leaving the Activity Feed. This is terrific functionality, but then where it goes wrong for us is that the gallery within that particular activity post is rendered as WordPress shortcode, i.e. [gallery ids="6644,6647,6642"] as shown in the attachments.

I can imagine that this all makes sense in terms of how BuddyPress and bbPress core functions are working together, and BuddyPress isn't yet designed to render the gallery on the activity feed and perhaps never will be.

But I'm wondering how we could create a function that examines the activity feeds and essentially says "if this pattern of characters exists, do not display" – and it would look for a character pattern like [gallery ids=*any_characters*]

Is this possible? If so, can someone help us make this work?

Thanks for any help or insight!