BuddyPress Group creation bug in BlogsMU Theme with proposed fix

Hi Richie,

First I’d like to thank you for a great theme – really like it.

I believe that I found a bug in the BlogsMU Theme, along with a possible fix.

See also the following thread which may be relevant:




The URL specified in blogs-mu/theme-options.php


is causing a problem in BuddyPress group creation when the 4 column footer is disabled.

A possible fix is to change the URL as such:

background: #19252f url(/wp-content/themes/blogs-mu/_inc/images/footer-bottom-shade.png) repeat-x bottom;

BlogsMU version 1.2.2

BuddyPress version 1.2.7

WordPress version 3.0.4

The bug occurs on the transition from Step 1. Details to

Step 2. Settings in the BuddyPress group creation process. The bug

is first visible when the user transitions to Step 3. Avatar at which

point the default Avatar is not visible (the web page is not rendered correctly).

Apart from the Avatar page issue, the bug causes a second group to be created

on the transition from Step 2 to Step 3.




The setting under Theme Options->Extra “Enable or Disable 4-Column Footer”

is associated with option_name=tn_blogsmu_home_footer_block in

wp_N_options table (where N is the blog id).

With tn_blogsmu_home_footer_block=”disable” a reference to

../images/footer-bottom-shade.png is made in blogs-mu/theme-options.php

background: #19252f url(../images/footer-bottom-shade.png) repeat-x bottom;

This reference is at URL:


This URL is apparently not correct and cause problems in the Group Creation

process with cookies.


The URL reference to footer-bottom-shade.png results in a “302 Found” response

and a redirect to

the URL /groups/create/

In plugins/buddypress/bp-groups.php: groups_action_create_group()

we fail the test:

if ( !$bp->groups->current_create_step = $bp->action_variables[1] ) {

Note: There is no element groups->current_create_step in $bp at this point

and action_variables is an empty array.

The result is that we clear the cookies bp_new_group_id and

bp_completed_create_steps and the response to /groups/create

is a redirect to


Corrupt creation flow

At this point the state flow is corrupt. Moving on to Step 3 Avatar

renders incorrectly. Since we essentially restarted the group creation

flow, moving to step 3 also has the side effect of creating a second

group in wp_bp_groups with date_created=0000-00-00 00:00:00 and

a null name, slug and description.



The Live HTTP Header Firefox plugin was invaluable for following

the URL flow and cookies.

FirePHP was also very valuable for tracing the PHP flow.

Proposed fix


I have verified that making the following change to blogs-mu/theme-options.php

fixes this problem for me:


background: #19252f url(../images/footer-bottom-shade.png) repeat-x bottom;


background: #19252f url(/wp-content/themes/blogs-mu/_inc/images/footer-bottom-shade.png) repeat-x bottom;

– Scott