BuddyPress: No members found

I successfully installed BuddyPress (WP 3.0.4, with a multisite network installed, latest version of BuddyPress). Everything seems to be working A-OK except I can’t see any users. I can see activity, I can see groups, I had forums working. But when I look for users under the Members Tab, it says “Sorry, no members were found.” Also, when I search for members, nobody comes up.

But I know there are members because I created them. I did activate their memberships too by clicking on the activation link in the email. And I can see them in the database and the list of users.

I also tried setting up a Group – worked fine. Set up a Forum topic – check. Activity – check.

The only thing that doesn’t seem to be working is the Members. I also tried adding friends and that did not work either. I supposed b/c there are no members (even though there are).

I have tried all kinds of things, short of doing a fresh reinstall of WordPress:

1. I deactivated all the plugins, including BuddyPress.

2. I also deleted all the themes except for the WP default theme.

3. I then deleted all the plugins, including BuddyPress.

4. I reinstalled BuddyPress, activated the BP default theme.

No go.

More details:

1. No members are showing up, even though there ARE members.


2. Activity IS working — so you can see that there ARE members.


3. I went in as realfoodmedia and testing (both members) and I requested friendship from Joe Schmo. I tried to go in as Joe Schmo to accept the friendship. I saw the notification in the top menu bar. But when I tried to go to the notification page, there were no friend requests.


Then the notification disappeared in the menu.

And, when I logged in later as realfoodmedia, and checked out Joe Schmo’s profile, it shows that I have sent a friend request. So I’m waiting for Joe to accept me but he can’t.

Here is the URL: http://www.realfoodmedia.com

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Ann Marie