Buddypress – subsites accessing to community functions

Hi !

Well, many of us have asked (so do I) how to remove community functions on subsites with buddypress compatible theme, which has been done fine.

But, now my horse network is finished I am beginning my “gamers” network. And i’d like to have subsites (with some mapped domains) that can access to the comunity functions of the SAME network.

In fact, it does not work like this in BP, even with default theme : the “groups” link or give a 404, or returns on main site for example which sounds logical in fact.

My problem is that I need to have several portals (differrent themes) but the same community content, in order to distinguish the game thematics, posts ans pages, but grouping all user in one big community. Is it possible ?

Dont want to build 4 differents networks, since many users will be in fact in several game groups…