Buddypress x-profile & membership not in sync

I have WordPress 3.01 (not multisite) and Buddypress installed and was hoping to use the membership plugin to control access to various categories and posts on our site. Does this even support Buddypress without WPMU (MS)?

I set up a page with the [subscriptionform] tag and noticed that its writing standard WP user data but seems to be ignoring Buddypress Profile Fields altogether.

Is there anyway to get the [subscriptionform] to pull the Buddypress registration data instead of JUST the default WP username/email/pass fields

The membership plugin otherwise seems to work fine, it simply does not seem to realize this is a buddypress install and as such the default registration & requisite fields are being driven by buddypress.

I don’t see any options under the buddypress menu.. nor do i see it anywhere in the Membership options.

Please help someone.. this is driving us crazy. We have uninstalled and reinstalled this plugin accoring to the guidance on this site.. Deleted tables, removed entries in wp_options.. I have to be missing something dumb.