Buggy all around (Tax and Shipping Calculations, plug in menu display))

Fellas, and Fellettes,

We have a very buggy product here and I am short 20$. I’d like to stay and keeps using this product but after one day I am seriously considering demanding my money back.

Bugs are random but her are the consistent ones across two different browsers (firefox and Safari):

1. Tax calculation in the cart is wrong. please reference the attached price is 14.95. Tax rate is 7%. Cart amount is $.098.

2. Flat rate Shipping. Either does not show up in the carts total calculation or item line, or when it does it calculates a flat rate of $6.00 when it is clearly set to a rate of $3.00. It starts at $6.00 and adds $3.00 for each successive product.

3. The plug in menu has winked out on me and now only shows choices for General, Presentation, Short codes, and Importers.

I have screen shots please advise how to attach them here.

WordPress 3.5.1

Market Press. 2.8.3

WPMU Dashboard: 3.2.5

Word Press Theme: Corvius

Browers: Firefox (main), Safari (backup)