Business Services Theme – Customizing the Footer Region

Hi Tammie, Hope you can help out here, Here is a link to what I have so far, Just trying to place everything before getting the web designer to beatify further. I’m set up with Multisite, but no Buddypress.

In the Footer region, I would like to replace the Links Area and the Blank area next to it with 2-3 much smaller rows of links for sites that I will create with specific geographic locations. Eg:





United States:

New York

Las Vegas



United Kinkdom



Manchester etc….

I can crete a list in the links in the admin and replace here, and modify the CSS to get it the size I want but I need the countries to Stand out.

2 main questions I have, How can I change the header of “Links” for that column and modify what gets displayed and where/how can I populate the empty #ubox div next to it?

What I really need is the ability to add a text based widget where I can create the divs and css rules myself.

This is my 1st go on a Multisite and using a WPDev theme, have been used to using Headway for the last 6 months.