Calendar doesn't show back and forward at the top

Hey all,

Working in Events+. I’m trying to figure out why on one site I see back and forward ticks at the top of the calendar view, and on another (just installed) I don’t.

I’m talking about <, <<, >, and >>, visible here. For whatever reason they’re not visible here.

Working site:

Problem site:

Both running Events+ 1.7.2.

Before I deactivate all plugins (which can take a while to reset) I’d just like to know if there’s a setting I’m missing.

Ooooooh, and another thing: the zoom and map-type settings in Google Maps (only rendered in Events+ events) aren’t sticking. I keep choosing “Details” and “Terrain,” and getting “Earth” and “Roadmap” when rendered. Google Maps 2.7.1.