Can any WP shopping cart do these?

We need to add eCommerce feature to a WP site. Here is the wish list. Can any WP shopping cart do all these (except the Optional items, the optional ones are not required)?

1. sell 2 kinds of products: (A) tangible plastic gift certificates (no price defined upfront, need customers to enter dollar amount) and (B) plastic membership cards (fixed prices), and the physical plastic gift cards or membership cards will be shipped out in regular mail packages.

2. Optional: a field for the customers to enter some personal message is preferred (such as “instructions or note about this order”), but it is still ok without this feature.

3. Optional: selling email (instant) gift certificate would be nice, but NOT needed now.

4. for gift certificate, online customers will enter their own amount (such as $45, $150, etc, whatever amount they want in the gift certificate) and quantity of the certificates with this amount, and then add to cart.

5. online customers can also add multiple gift certificates with different amounts to the shopping cart and check out all at once.

6. online customers can add membership cards (fixed prices) to shopping cart and check out with gift certificates (if there is any) all at once.

7. online customers need to “agree to terms and conditions” before check out – this can be a check box and a term and conditions text box or a few links to various terms and conditions pages or pdf files.

8. check out needs to use gateway. When customer click check out, they will be asked to enter shipping address and then click “continue check out”, all the shopping cart items are sent to and the customer enter their billing info and finish the transaction on

9. the website owner receive the order info with the shipping address and the customers receive order confirmation email.

Thank you for your help! Look forward to the solution :slight_smile: