Can buddypress activity plus have same popup as auto blog?

Hi, I am using buddypress activity plus and autoblog, and I notice that when someone posts a link, the excerpt is great but when they click on it, it takes them away from my site entirely. I really dig autoblog and the popup layer feature, where it opens up a frame or large popup of some sort that takes them to the original article in some kind of cool ajaxy popup. Is it possible to replicate this behavior with activity plus, so it pops up the original article in a large cool container and lets members go to that article, close it and return to my site. I am concerned with links taking members completely away from the site. I’d prefer at least an option of new window over just taking them away from my site, but auto blog is so cool with that ajaxy large popup that seems to open it up in a frame right over the site, and lets them close it to return. That would be my ideal to have buddypress activity plus links apply the same behavior as autoblog, if at all possible. It really is slick. thank you!