Can I add the Triberr code to our multi-site dashboard(s)?

On our corporate site, I was able to add the Triberr code so that new posts are automatically added to the Tribes to which I am a contributing member. I would like to be able to have the same capability at – for the network admin dashboard as well as each boutique member-owners dashboard. Below is what the Triberr plugin page looks like at :

Triberr Plugin Settings

API Blog Token: txj40ytaen2l2t7lf62as8806t0v0kqj7zd

Your API blog token connects this blog with your Triberr profile.

You can find your token in your Triberr Account Settings on the Blog Settings page.

Hint: Looks like a 35 character random string of numbers and letters

Help me find it

After saving, all future posts will automatically be sent to Triberr.

ReBlog Settings

Triberr Comments

Enable Triberr’s commenting system?

Any comments from Triberr or any reblogged versions of this post will also be included

Look and feel

This will control the look of the comments on your site

Background color: #

Width: px

Is this possible and if so, how do we add it?

Thanks much,

Linda S. Fitzgerald