Can market press global cart do mass payouts to network sub stores

Currently, I am using chained payments with my marketplace where I take a small percentage of sales from my network sub stores (multisite) Conversion rates are low and I think it has to do with not having the global cart feature with the chained payments feature. Anxiously waiting for marketpress v 3.0 to come out that promises to address this. Wondering instead to mimic what some other marketplace sites I have seen do which is the following: Global cart is activated. When a sale is made even among several sub stores, the payout only goes to the main site owner (super admin) The site owner sees that a sale has been made but doesn’t get paid right away. Then monthly, the main site owner(super admin) pays out a mass payout to all sub site owners of their monthly sales profit minus the percentage fee that stays with the main site owner. Can this be done and can it be automated to occur perhaps monthly?