Can the directory & membership plugins be used together?

Apologies in advance for the stupid questions,.. I’m a web designer by trade (honestly!) but have only recently kicked myself in the butt & started to get to grips with WordPress & I’m still struggling a little!

I’m attempting a re-build of at the moment & thought that the wpmu “Directory” & “Membership” plugins might have the features I need if I can make them work together.

The current site was built years ago in Dreamweaver & requires member information to be added/removed/updated manually by admin – a lot of work that could all be automated!

Basically I need a membership site with different levels of paid membership & one free level. One of the main benefits of membership is inclusion in the busy, searchable member directory where you can be found by potential clients, so I need a directory page (Preferably split into geographical sub-sections) that displays the profiles of current members in a way that’s attractive & easy on the eye.

The member list should be visible & searchable by the general public as well as easily indexed by google.

I need to have some additional fields at signup with information that will also be included in the listings – and even a choice of which category (I’m hoping I can setup geographical areas as categories?) the listing is to appear in.

I need to limit the listing to just ONE listing per member – and have that listing disappear if their membership expires, but continue unaffected if they renew.

I’d like (but its not essential) to have it setup so that all listings need admin approval before they are published.

I need a way to allow profile image uploads for paid members, but not free members.

I need a way to have different downloads sections restricted by membership type – eg. Free members get only a few basic downloads, paid members get a greater selection, VIP & Lifetime members get access to the premium downloads area.

I’m hoping to combine all this with a ready made responsive template (because I’m still too rubbish with wordpress to build it from scratch!)

So… the question is – is all this possible combining these 2 plugins? If so, whats the best way to approach it?

Many thanks in advance for your help!