Can the same subdomain be used on different domains and can this be prevented?

Hi, I am not sure what the plugin can (not) do, hence my question:

The situation:

– I have a working subdomain network setup.

– However the domain name is spelled differently in US vs the rest of the world (think colour vs color etc).

– So currently works, but does not

– I own both as well as


(1): If I use the MultiDomains plugin, can the same subdomain be registered on both (or more) domains?

So and can both be registered, or does registration for one domain exclude the same sub for all other domains?

(2) If so, is there a way to stop/limit this as it would be confusing to have 2 the same subs on similar domains.

(3) Is there a way, using this plugin or alias or whatever to have all also work on and vice versa. Preferable without redirecting (so somebody that types should stay on it and not get redirected to or worse, the sign-up page on

Basically I don’t want people to worry about different ways of writing the domain including prevention of registration of the same subdomain.