Can WPMUDev offer programming assistance for plugins that are marketed as working right out of the b

Several months ago, after a great deal of research, I decided to showcase WordPress and WPMU plugins on a new, eventually very large, WordPress Multisite Membership site.

Based on extensive reading, I could really feel the passion and spirit you have at WPMU. I decided to build the site using primarily WPMU plugins partly to showcase WordPress and WPMU when it was complete.

Of course, I also loved the idea of using your plugins on my site to do most everything I wanted.

I even decided to use all the heavy content plugins – like Directory, Classifieds, etc., on their own subsites to prevent conflicts.

I was soooo excited to see the potential of what we could do with WordPress multisite and WPMU plugins.

Unfortunately, after loading multiple plugins, NOT ONE has worked “out of the box” as the marketing materials have promised.

I’ve had to get programming help with every single one. It’s been extremely discouraging because a project that could have taken weeks has taken months and it’s cost much more than anticipated and we’re still far from where we need to be.

I should have asked this much sooner, but of course, I’d like to know if you will stand behind your plugins with programming support when they don’t work as promised.

Since it doesn’t appear that you offer that, can you recommend any reasonably priced developers that specialize in getting WPMU plugins to work on a large multisite membership site?

While I still believe you are truly passionate about what you’re doing, I’m sorry to say my excitement about your plugins has dropped considerably since I now realize I can’t use them “out of the box” without programming help.

Hopefully, my excitement will be rekindled by someone who specializes in making your plugins work.

Thank you!