Cancelling Supporter Subscriptions

I’ve searched the forums and Supporter plugin instructions and haven’t found an answer to this question: Will removing Supporter Blog status cancel the user’s subscription?

We get a lot of, shall we say… “less than technical” users who sometimes never even realize they have a PayPal subscription. I know removing Supporter status will not refund anything, but will it end the subscription, and stop future payments? If one of these user’s requests cancellation, we’d like to be able to do that for them, but all we know now is to tell them they must do so via their PayPal account. Can someone please confirm or clarify?

I’m not even sure this (to cancel the PayPal sub) is even possible via the WP admin, but if so this would be a nice feature to add. If status removal does cancel the sub, then a minot edit to the Admin’s Supporter tab text is in order to clarify.


PS: While we’re on the subject … the only other Supporter suggestion I have is to include an optional customizable “Reminder” email feature which automatically sends a message to subscribers regarding pending auto-renewal.