Cannot Upload to Subsite Emergency Situation Failure to respond


I need help on getting a subsite to Upload in the Media gallery the Site is yf Wenonah.

Access is granted. I asked support but they did not understand the problem: the subsite media gallersy at the Wenonah yf website with access granted wont upload pictures with unbroken links they are just broken and need to fix that.

Many issues and no responses

I also have a developer in the Netherlands working now because it is daytime there and its getting late for him. Need to help him he is getting frustrated with me saying I have WPMUdev of whom I rate off the charts publicly and for example Site Jabber and also speak highly to everyone. But you must have your butt kissed personally for any work done. It’s like you can’t take a little stressful work action. It’s getting detrimental to what I do.