Can't Access SmartCrawl Admin/Settings On Multisite

When I enable SmartCrawl on my multisite network, I am able to view and edit the settings at the network level as expected. However, when I add the line define ( 'WDS_SITEWIDE', false ); to my wp-config.php, I can no longer access the SmartCrawl settings. This is true for the Network Admin level as well as the subsite levels.

I was initially able to edit one subsite’s SmartCrawl settings, but when I clicked the Save button, I got the “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” error, and I was thereafter unable to access the site’s SmartCrawl admin page again.

Now, removing the define line from wp-config allows me to view the Network Admin SmartCrawl settings, but adding the define line back, I always get the aforementioned error.

I have made sure that the network SmartCrawl settings are adjusted to allow all tabs to appear for site admins (Editors and up), and I am using my superadmin account to perform all work.

Please let me know how to troubleshoot this further so I can use SmartCrawl on my subsites (specifically, accessing each site’s SmartCrawl settings page).

If troubleshooting it too problematic, I think I may just switch to Yoast rather than spend a lot of time tracking down issues.