Cant display custom fields value in frontend + WYSIWYG editor problem with Buddypress

Just installed CustomPress and trying to show the custom field value in the frontend but its resulting a bit difficult.

(**EXTRA ISSUE** YOU WILL NOTICE THERE’S A PROBLEM IN THE LESSON WYSIWYG EDITOR. The cursor gets taken to the first space in every cursor blink. I think this is coming from Buddypress, because on Bp de-activation the issue dissapears. I already asked for the Eduma theme autor for help, but i guess its gonig to take a couple of days for him to answer anything)

Especifically im doing this:

1. Working with “LearnPress” plugin and “Wp Education (Eduma)” Theme, with child theme.

2. Added the text custom field “Forum URL” to the lessons post type.

3. Trying to add a link in every lesson that takes the student to the lesson forum (the link’s href should be the custom field value).

The problem is i dont know where should i put the shortcode inside my child theme. Thanks!

Thanks for the help!