Cant get 2checkout to work at all


So I have set Membership and the 2CO gateway according to the instructions and scoured the forums looking for potential fixes to no avail. I have set up a test site and stripped it back to the bare basics for debugging.

Users are being created, payments are going through, but users are not being being given any access level and there are no transactions being logged in the console within the membership gateway dashboard OR within the Successful Instant Notification Service dashboard on the 2checkout admin dashboard.

I'm sure all the details are correct, but I could give access to my dev site to a staff member if required. I have also checked and rechecked that the INS settings are set up and are pointing to the url supplied to me on the 2CO gateway page.

I've attached a couple of screenshots I've seen staff ask for in similar posts on this forum.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: