Cant get protected content message to show

I’ve seen other threads about this but not found a solution yet.

I’m building a site which has most of the content available to anyone (stranger level set as Free members) but with three levels of membership for some content.

I’ve set a page called No Access for wwhen anyone tries to reach protected content – this page includes a link to the joining page.

When I make the site members only I get the correct NO Access message. However, when I have membership enabled but allow the free member access, if I try to reach a page outside that level of membership I simply get the default 404 notice.

I don’#t want to change the 404 – I want that to show for non existent pages – but equally I really need the No Access message so people at the wrogn membership level are alerted and given the option to upgraade.

Please help!

If you go to you will see the 404 message. Go to for the content it should be showing!