Can't get protected content plugin to work

Hi. I have installed the plugin and setup a test membership level.

I am trying to setup a picture gallery where users simply need to fill out a free registration to access it.

When I attempt to access the protected page the plugin correctly locks me out and instead asks me to login. (The “Gallery Test” page is my protected content page)

If the user does not have a membership they should be able to register. When I lick “Register” I should be taken to a registration form. Instead I get taken to a blank page.

I also noticed this error when I go to “Protected Content > Memberships and then click on the test membership I created.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/theeverl/public_html/tev2/wp-content/plugins/protected-content/app/view/membership/overview/class-ms-view-membership-overview-simple.php on line 388

btw: I have disabled all other plugins and this is a test site so please feel free to test out and fixes.

Thanks for your help.