Capabilities of plugin and how to use hooks to pass custom field data


The description of this plugin mentions FeedWordPress and how it is superior. There is one feature that FeedWP has that I absolutely need for this plugin to work out for me. When processing a feed and finding a post that’s already been moved over, I need to check if the feed’s post has been modified, and if so update the fed post to match it, unless the fed post has been modified. Does that make sense?

I can probably manage to do the checking part myself, but looking through Autoblog’s code I don’t see a hook I can use to do this from (I think would be around line 685 of autoblogprocess.php). Maybe a hook could be added for this purpose?

Also, I need to pass custom fields with my posts. It looks like I can use the autoblog_pre_post_insert filter to grab extra data from a post in a feed, is that right? what exactly do the $post_data, $ablog, and $item variables hold? and do I need to return the whole “compact(lots of items)” statement? It also looks like I can use the autoblog_post_process_feed hook to update the post meta of posts that have been fed in, or is that hook too late to do so?

I know that’s a lot of questions in there. Even if you can only answer some of it now and have to come back with more info for others later, I would appreciate any help. Thanks!