Category (under Custom Taxonomy) no longer showing on homepage

Hi guys, sorry to hit you with loads of posts just before the weekend but I'd rather work though all this stuff as quickly as possible :slight_smile:

OK as crazy as it sounds I swear I just had a category disappear on my directory homepage, I haven't added any plugins since it was last 'seen' so I'm not sure what might be causing it

I saw a couple of other people on the forum mentioned a similar issue (eg but there didn't seem to really be a fix (in that link the category just came back) I just wondered if you could give me any idea on what might have caused it and how I could bring it back?

In my situation the category is Shops which should appear under 'Dubai Mall' (please see the image showing where it used to be!)

It's still there in the back-end and you can go to it directly via this link on the front-end:

I've had it there all day, it's just not showing as a link on the homepage ( anymore

Any ideas you can give would be much appreciated