CDN seems be overwriting my bootstrap 2.0 with current bootstrap 3.0

Seems be that template use a old version and probably modified version of bootstrap (2.0), CDN seems to be using the current version, Bootstrap 3.0….. apparently CDN is overwritting bootstrap 2.0 version embed in template automatically with the newest version 3.0 breaking responsive functionality.

To test it i have installed WordPress Plugin

With this plugin i can overwritte bootstrap versions from 2.0.4 to 3.0, none seems work for me, this makes me think that probably my theme use a modified version of bootstrap 2.0. If I overwritte bootstrap with any 2.x version i recover most responsive functions except menu… however if i try 3.0 versión with boostrapcdn wordpress plugin i get the same problems that with CDN set ON, this make me think that CDN is overwritting my boostrap with current version 3.0 instead use the “embed” bootstrap version of my template.

Question is, how i can use CDN with my template correctly??

A. Most clean option will be update use of my template from bootstrap 2.0 to 3.0 but i have not programming knowledge to do it

B. “Force” to used the bootstrap embed in my template by CDN and avoid overwritting, but i dont know how do it neither :___(

Maybe you can help me with this.

I ask to theme developers for the same question through comment and support system, but their support is not as good as yours.

My comment to theme developers:

My template is called Ibusiness from themeforest:

This is the page of product:

My web url is: URL:

In my theme folder see files called “bootstrap” in my template. (I attach it

In JS folder: bootstrap.min.js

in CSS folder: bootstrap-responsive.css

in CSS folder: bootstrap.css

You can you test it with

I had writted about this problem in this link

But i collect all information here with a title more explanatory