Center the Q@A Frame in the centre of my page

Hey guys, please help. No matter how I adjust the CSS I cannot get the table to stay put in the centre of the page. It keeps defaulting to the left margin unless I place a 200px margin on the left. It even does this if I pick left or right. I want no sidebar, and the minute I put a left value in the table is no longer responsive. My CSS code is below, I am using the CSS in the default template and have added the line of code to override your stylesheet. auto 0 auto 0 has no effect either.

URL is (Answers disabled for visitors.

#qa-page-wrapper {

overflow: hidden;

padding-bottom: 50px;

padding-left: 200px;




content: ” “;

display: table;




#qa-content-wrapper {

margin: 0px 0 0 -50px;

left: 50px;