change header image for one page


I’m using a tip found in the Pootle press of 65 tips, tricks and css tweaks for woo themes Canvas

Specifically I’d like to use a different header for a page (and a few posts, too)

It’s not working.

Here’s what I added

.page-id-562 #header { background: url(“”) no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent; }

this is on page (I removed the css to let the default banner appear for now)

When I add the CSS to the custom css block in Canvas setting the banner area shows up just as a white block. Other pages are fine and still show the default banner.

Is it something to do with the transparent or something else in the css?



PS: how would I do this for select posts? same basic line of css with .post-id-XXXX instead of page id part? Just guessing.