Change to add new user page on multi-site install? Or am I trippin?

Hi folks,

I’m back after a month-long hiatus and already off to a rough start. I’m working on a buddypress/multisite install in which I need to add new users without them receiving an email confirmation. This, as memory serves, worked fine before: I would create a new site, then go to that site dashboard, go to add new user, and get the awesome page where I could define all their info including password, and choose not to send them an email.

It seems that now when I go in to add a new user, I don’t get that awesome page, but a page to add existing user or new user, with username and email (no password). The tickbox is there saying that I have the option to not send a mail, but IT DOES! IT SENDS THE EMAIL! ACK!

Am I trippin? Missing something? Help?! Much hair is being pulled out over here…