child and parent settings

Yesterday I installed Site Category, when I was configuring the settings I choose some option really wrong, something about count, child and parent options. So now I can’t open any page of my entire network. I uninstalled the plugin, but din’t work, still can’t access any page, I get this error message. So I tried to restore my lest snapshot and when is about to finish says Unknown: errno:2048 is_a(): Deprecated. Please use the instanceof operator /home2/idsetter/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-theme.php on line 263 this line has: if ( is_a( $_child, ‘WP_Theme’ ) && $_child->template == $this->stylesheet ) {

So I uploaded a brand new class-wp-theme.php file, and tried to restore a snapshot of other site, and same thing. I think I need to change some rules I made for the entire network! Please help :slight_smile: