Chime in on Design. How do you handle listing features with WordPress acting as CMS?

I am looking for member feedback for the best way to present content to a user.

I sell a multisite service, and I like to highlight the features of my service to the end users. I am curious how everyone handles this. My instinct is to use bookmarked content displays (non url based) utilizing a Javascript display / hide type function. So that way I have a column on the left of all my features. Clicking on any of those links will display the appropriate content on the right.

Traditionally, this is done via tabs, or accordions, but I cant imagine that being a good way to list images and text content about the feature.

I am thinking that i should have all on the same page, without changes to url, so i can make the main page fully indexed. But, seriously, I am just at a loss. How do you guys handle presentation of your features or services to your potential customers?