Clarity around Buddypress – MU blog users / subscribers


I’m fairly familiar with multi-sites and am today requesting some guidance with a new buddypress site.

In a multi-site set-up each user blog has it’s own subscribers and admins.

How’s that handled in a MU-Buddypress environment where each member / subscriber effectively needs to be at least a subscriber / member of the buddypress network PLUS each member’s blog as they are created.

Why? You don’t need to be a subscriber to read a blog on an MU site.

Yes got that but……

The challenge is, getting the site running in such a way that only members of the site can view the blogs and profiles of the other members. Meaning, unless you are at least a subscriber of the core network site, you can not read any members blog other than the network wide teasers on the front page (using network global post plugin).

I’m really stuck with this.

How do we get there?

Your guidance is much appreciated.