Classifieds – Out of the box setup and layout poor & incomplete

I am really disappointed with this “Classifieds” plugin. The setup & appearance of pages is not at all what I expected or hoped it would be upon purchasing my WPMU membership! I had hope hopes for both this plugin & others, and am totally deflated by the overall minimal layout styling & available options to change in the settings to a non-“IT” developer!

I can’t add headings… I can’t change my sidebar… The Classifieds page layout is bare, no category headers or categories listed at all, pictures don’t align, there’s some crappy colour scheme on the listing, no options on the page for people to login or signup… It just looks like some half baked page prepared by a 12yr old at the moment, and add to that, the page keeps getting “LOST” for some strange reason, and sends the user to an alternate site address… NOT SATISFACTORY AT ALL!

I would really very much appreciate someone setting it up for me completely, so that it matches the rest of my site, as I am no IT-developer or coder quite capable of doing this. That said, I’ve been able to set up the rest of my site by myself with the use of themes & plugins easily enough, hence my disappointment with this plugin.

Please let me know what we may be able to do from here…

Many thanks in advance