Classifieds Plug-in: Member ads bug/issue on BuddyPress install

Hi Guys,

I’m currently implementing the Classifieds plug-in on a custom BuddyPress theme and have encountered a small problem/bug/issue.


I’m logged in as member A, go to member B’s profile and view the ‘Classifieds’ tab. Member B has no classifieds listed however all of member A’s ads are displayed.

On member B’s ‘groups’ tag, only groups that he/she has joined are displayed and on his/her ‘friends’ tab, only his/her friends are displayed so this doesn’t make too much sense!

Is this a bug or is it more likely to be a conflict with my theme or another plug-in?

Any help would be massively appreciated!

Note: I’m currently using BP version 1.2.6 on WP version 3.0.3.