Classifieds plugin

Hi, i’m trying to get the Classifieds plugin setup properly but am having a few issues. For reference i’m trying at the following URL:

As you can see I have 4 Classified categories setup. Only ‘Subbuteo Sets’ has a test listing in at the moment.

The formatting of the Classifieds seems to be all over the place. I’m not sure if this is the way the plugin is supposed to look, or if it’s simply having issues with my theme?

Also, at the URL below you’ll see a test listing. I was unable to set a ‘featured image’ as when creating the listing, after clicking on the ‘featured image’ text link and adding a file it only allowed me to insert it into the item description, rather than set it as the main image for the listing – which has defaulted to the ‘no image available’ graphic you see.

So, my questions:

1: How do I go about correcting the featured image issue i’m having?

2: Some of the pages, including ‘add classified’ look awful. How do I go about styling/formatting these to something more user friendly? (

3: Is there a way I can disable commenting on listings?

Thank you for your support.


Stuart Wright