Client Sites Deleted by Undeletable Super Admin

Hi all, well really in a state of shock after being so delighted with WPMU and the crew but on Friday we notified our programming company they we were terminating our ongoing contract with them due to poor performance and yes we changed all the access passwords however today we learned he they had messed with 6 client sites all of which are now off line and as you can imagine our clients are not happy.

How was this done you ask, well from what we can tell and oh yea actually see when we removed the super admin in question, guess what, we can’t delete a super admin. At this stage I am not sure what they did, the client sites are offline yet their files or at least some of them seem to be still on the server.

Sorry to say we don’t have enough WP or WPMU experience to figure out what they have done with clients breathing down our necks. Any advice would be really appreciated.