Comments + Message Box gone on subsite ???

I am using Comments + on my MultiSite.

My personal Blog is my Subpage/Blog Tester and it was displaying the Comment Box as normal with FB App integrated. Once I added Twitter & Google App API they showed up first but then (see Screetshot 1) The entire Message Box is missing.

I have some other Subpage/Blogs that I will configure once this is fixed so they just have basic installs no custom changes made and its displaying without any problems. (screenshot 2)

I tried deleting the Comments + plugin and Re-installed it yet the cache and settings just popped back. How would I remove the Plugin and all data to get a clean install?

Ive granted Access so you guys can have a look at whats going on,

Supposed to Launch after 3 years of self funded drawing and building tomorrow and this was the last thing Ive been trying to Integrate and feel happy for version 1 to be released.

Please Help!!!