compatibility with commentluv plugin.

I am trying to use The CommentLuv plugin by Andy Bailey and one of its modules is triggering an error.

Module: ReplyMe

Error: wp_mail returned fail for test send to

His question to me is>

it may be that the wp_mail() function has been overridden and it is not

returning the boolean value

I’ve seen that before with some setups, the emails still go through but the

function is not returning the proper value because not many things use the

return value

you just need to find out what is overriding wp_mail() in your plugins or

themes and let me know so I can see if there is a workaround

The only plugin I am using outside WPMUDev is CommentLuv and on my latest setup I did not install the WPMUDev commenting plugin to make sure their are no conflicts.

Can anyone please help me with this.