Configuration problems with multi-domain

I’m hosted with Dreamhost, using a unique IP with a VPS for my domains/sites. I’ve successfully set up Multisite a few times now, and I am taking it to the next level with the multi-domain plugin.

From the dashboard, I’ve been successful setting up the additional parent domains that subdomains can be created from. And, I’ve successfully installed two – everything from the Sites and Domains in the dashboard looks good, and no evident errors displayed.

I try visiting the site I’ve created though, and I get Site Temporarily Unavailable, and the dashboard request returns “Not found”

Dreamhost has set up the wildcard dns for each domain I’m wanting to do this with, pointing it to the IP for my VPS.

Anyone else had similar issues?

Found a resolution?

Has successfully set up multi-domains on a Dreamhost account?

Thanks, Lee