Configuring Appointments+ Schedule Settings

Hi WPMU Team,

Question regarding appointments plus settings.

Have a very specific task to accomplish with my service schedule setting.

Jack did a great job getting me started, and Ash did a great job providing some great answers to some nagging CSS questions.

Here’s my page:

I am setting up a system where up to four guests can select a service that lasts 90 minutes long. Every 15 minutes a new opportunity to make a reservations appears, so I have my Time Base set to 15 minutes.

Jack mentioned that I needed to make 4 dummy accounts to allow for a single time slot to get filled a maximum number of 4 times. So the accounts have been created, and everything seems to be working fine.

Here are my settings issues:

1) My service is available Monday through Saturday. When Saturday begins, the first page displays zero available reservation time slots, because there are none available during this period, naturally. Is there a way to change the display settings so that the scheduler defaults to showing the first available time slot?

2) I have set the start time of my first service to 6:30pm, however, my store hours seem to display a 6:00pm start time, with the time slots from 6:00 to 6:30 marked as “busy” during days service are available. I don’t want to give the impression that services are available during this period. If my service starts at 6:30, I want to display a 6:30 starting time slot, with no preceding time slots marked as busy.

3) I’m wondering if there is some natural time overlap, and if so, how can I change the settings to avoid this? What I mean by this is if I have 3 time slots that can be booked by a maximum of four people at 15 minute intervals for a service that lasts 90 minutes, I want a total of 12 people to be able to reserve these time slots. I’m afraid that the default settings might block all the time slots once 4 persons make reservations. How do I make sure to avoid this scenario and keep each individual time slot available for a maximum of four people?